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11 Ways to Prepare Your Homeowners Association for Warmer Months

May 9, 2018 at 10:57 AM / by HOA Manager

home-maintenanceAs homes in your homeowners association begin to thaw from the cold months, it’s time to start thinking about preparing your home for spring and summer! The steps you take now can help avoid costly maintenance and repairs later.

Here’s what to do inside and outside your home:

  1. Make sure that your HOA management company is hiring roofing or gutter cleaning contractors to inspect roofs and gutters. They should check the roofs for damage as they have been taking a beating all season. They should also clear gutters of debris as a clog can lead to severe water damage in your unit.

  2. For most of you, HVAC systems are the responsibility of the homeowner and not the Association. Check your HVAC system. Hire a professional to clean and service your system. You also should clean or replace filters; it’ll help ensure your system is running efficiently, keep energy costs in check and remove extra allergens from your home.

  3. Make sure that the HOA is assessing and repairing driveways, fences, decks and patios that may have been damaged over the rainy months. Spray away soot, dirt build-up and leaves. If you see any holes or gaps that need filling, report them to your management company.

  4. Examine your windows, doors and seals. Look for damage. Sealants can crack in extreme cold, leading to water damage and drafts. Clean your window panes, drapes and blinds too.

  5. Replace your smoke detector batteries. If you didn’t do this when daylight savings began, do it now.
  6. Clean your floors and carpets and make sure that there are no signs of old water intrusion from the rains.

  7. Examine your chimney. Hire a chimney sweep to check and clean the flue.

  8. Vacuum underneath and behind your refrigerator. A dusty, dirty fridge also increases electric bills.

  9. Clean out the refrigerator, freezer and pantry. Toss expired foods, clean surfaces and reorganize.

  10. Declutter closets. Donate, re-purpose, recycle or set aside clothes for a garage sale.

  11. Prepare for sprinklers to start being turned back on and your Association’s landscape crew to begin mowing lawns and cleaning up winter debris.

Make sure to check your CC&Rs to be clear on what the HOA is responsible for and what individual homeowners are responsible for. While it’s the HOA board’s job to protect, maintain and enhance the homeowners association, homeowners can do their part in keeping the Association community a desirable place to live.

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