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Five Ways to Keep Your Homeowners Association Green and Help Lower HOA Fees by Kassie Ulen

February 12, 2013 at 12:01 PM / by HOA Expert

We all know how important it is to try and consider taking a green approach in our daily routines. What if we could go green while also helping the community in our homeowners association? Residents can help their homeowners association minimize its maintenance expenses, which can also avoid HOA fees from increasing, by observing a few simple green considerations.

1. Recycle. This day and age most of us receive the local and global news via internet or newspaper. If you choose the paper route then please recycle, recycle, recycle! In fact, it is now considered county ordinance to recycle your newspapers. If the homeowners association is fined by the county, or if waste disposal services raise their rates, it could be passed onto the community members by increasing HOA fees.

2. Keep areas debris free. Debris left in the common areas requires additional maintenance and clean up, and that can mean additional costs to the homeowners association, which in turn is reflected in HOA fees increasing.

3. Be kind to your landscaping.Every bush destroyed or flower trampled has a price tag attached - and so does the labor cost to replace it  -which can lead to an increase in HOA fees. Pass the word along to your family and neighbors to be respectful of the common area landscaping which helps make your homeowners association an appealing place to live.

4. Know the rules. Most associations have a set of rules and regulations that are part of their governing documents. Homeowners association rules are not arbitrary or frivolous. They have been carefully developed by the Board of Directors to keep property values up and insurance rates down. No one enjoys receiving a violation letter so help to follow the rules and regulations by becoming familiar with them and knowing what your HOA fees help cover.

5. Take action. Get other homeowners association members involved in keeping the community green by organizing community events or green programs that encourage recycling, eco-friendly lawn care and energy saving techniques. If they need a little push to participate emphasize that these programs will help keep HOA fees from increasing.

A successful homeowners association always shares a common thread; membership involvement and genuine care in conserving and maintaining community resources. To help avoid HOA fees from increasing spend a little time trying each of these five suggestions and bring your neighbors along too!

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