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Top 10 Homeowners Association Topics You’ve Been Reading in 2014

December 31, 2014 at 11:39 AM / by HOA Manager

top HOA topics in 2014As we close out 2014 we start to see top 10 lists, year in review videos, and resolutions being considered. As an HOA board member it’s the perfect time of year for you to sit back and reflect on what’s worked in your Association and what hasn’t. It’s also a good time to look ahead and start thinking about what you want to accomplish in 2015. We’ve made our own top 10 list based on what you and other HOA board members have been reading about in 2014. Take a look back at the most popular topics and give the posts a read if you missed them.

10. The Value of Providing a Homeowners Association Welcome Letter to Renters (731 views)

Providing a welcome letter to renters can help begin a warm relationship that builds trust.

9.  The Purpose and Fundamentals of a Homeowners Association (762 views)

Many homeowners, renters and board members don’t understand the fundamental nature of common-interest communities.

8.  What Type of Insurance Does Your Homeowners Association Need? (780 views)

Insurance is one of the best investments an HOA board make.

7.  Why It’s Important to Not Get Lazy About Enforcing Rules in Your Homeowners Association (910 views)

If the HOA rules in your community aren't properly enforced, chaos and confusion can ensue.

6.  Pros and Cons of Having a Rental Cap in Your Homeowners Association (929 views)

Arguments can be made for and against the adoption of a rental cap.

5.  The Importance of Homeowners Association Reserve Funds (1,268 views)

Learn why reserve funds aren’t just something to save for a rainy day, but actually an important component needed for repair and replacement in the Association.

4.  Reasons Why an HOA Board Might Call an Executive Session (1,274 views)

Executive sessions provide boards the opportunity to discuss privileged information and private matters.

3.  The Very Basic ABC’s of HOA Accounting (1,759 views)

Awareness of your operating budget. Budgeting HOA fees. Contribution to the reserve fund.

2.  The Basic Offices and Duties of an HOA Board of Directors (2,460 views)

What are the roles of HOA board members and how do they impact the community?

1.  How an HOA Board Should Use the Reserve Fund vs. Operating Fund (3,650 views)

The day-to-day operations are taken care of by the operating fund. The major or long-term projects are handled by the reserve fund. 

Based on the number of views the blog topics above have received, it’s evident that HOA board members care about how their Association is managed and that it’s managed with the best interest of the community in mind. This means understanding how a homeowners association operates, running effective HOA board meetings, and making sure you are doing the necessary planning to keep the Association financially healthy.

In 2015, we’re committed to providing your HOA board information to help you enhance, maintain and protect your Association. Let us know what you’d like to read more about in the comments section below.

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