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[News] A Homeowners Association Decides to Grant a Little Girl's Wish

March 27, 2015 at 3:01 PM / by HOA Manager

playhouse in homeowners associationIt seems like the majority of news stories involving homeowners associations these days are negative. You often read about disputes between neighbors, lawsuits, refusal to pay fees, or rules not being followed as outlined in the Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs) and Bylaws. While the governing documents serve the purpose of keeping the Association running smoothly – and are legally binding rules and regulations that each homeowner agrees to when they purchase a home in the Association – are their times when the rules can be bent? In the case of 6 year-old Ella Schultz the answer is yes!

Ella has a terminal form of cancer. The Make-A-Wish Foundation sent a request to fulfill the little girl’s wish to have a playhouse built in her backyard. The homeowners association where Ella lives originally denied the request, saying it violated the CC&Rs of the Association. People from all over the world sent letters to the Association encouraging it to fulfill Ella’s wish.

Posted by: KTLA 5 News

Girl Battling Cancer to Get Playhouse After Missouri Homeowners Association Reverses Its Decision

“The one thing she wanted, they were going to move mountains like I was wanting to, to make it happen,” Schultz said. “She’ll be able to have friends over, which she is really looking forward to that.”

Ella’s family is currently planning how they are going to do the big reveal. JE Dunn will build the playhouse, bring it in on a flat bed and use a crane to put it in the backyard.

The homeowners association declined an interview request, but sent a statement.

“Today, we are happy to share that we have reached a positive resolution to ensure Ella’s playhouse will be constructed.”

“Our board met with JE Dunn Construction and Make-A-Wish to gather additional information, and while we still have a few details and timelines to work out, we collectively reached the conclusion that Ella will get her wish. We couldn’t be more pleased to see that happen.”

“JE Dunn is thrilled to design and build the playhouse.”

Make-A-Wish Missouri also released a statement, saying how happy they were to come to an agreement.

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While it’s unclear what it took to reverse the Board’s decision – this isn’t always easily done in a homeowners association – you get the feeling that the members of the HOA won’t mind the shrieks of laughter coming from a sick, yet happy littler girl enjoying her new playhouse.

Do you agree with the Association reversing its decision to grant Ella's wish? Let us know in the comments below!

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