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HOA Tips: Taking Out the Trash

February 9, 2018 at 9:00 AM / by HOA Expert

HOA GarbageWhen it comes to getting rid of garbage, many Homeowner Association members are apt to simply toss their waste in the trash or into the dumpster and call it a day. But improper dumping can lead to stronger garbage smells and more mess in our trash facilities. So before you haul out the trash, here are few simple tips on how to help the community keep its trash area and dumpsters cleaner longer:

  • Make sure that any garbage you throw into the trash or dumpster is properly sealed in a tied-off trash bag. Not only does this reduce odors, it also helps prevent loose trash from blowing out of the dumpster or trash bins.

  • Please place your trash items in the dumpster; do not drop them off beside the dumpster. The garbage company will not pick up trash that is not inside the containers. Additionally when garbage is not securely placed in a dumpster, it can attract opportunistic scavengers like raccoons and opossums that will tear open a bag of garbage and leave a mess.

  • Never place hazardous materials such as paint, motor oil or car batteries in the trash. Visit Earth911 to find out where you can take these items for safe disposal.

Recycling is another very important aspect to an association.  Unlike landfills recycling removes waste completely, then turns it back to useful products. Recycling saves money, and in turn reduces the amount of trash going to the landfills.

In order for recycling cans/bins to be serviced they need to be free of anything that isn't recyclable, including food waste, wood waste, plastic bags, hoses, foam, textiles, tarps, plastic lining, dishes, styrofoam, soiled paper, diapers etc.  Loads found to be contaminated will not be serviced.  Throwing un-recyclable items into your mixed or cardboard bins reduces the recoverability of paper products and increases costs for everyone.  It is also important to prepare cardboard for recycling by removing all other materials in the box such as plastic wrap, polystyrene peanuts and other packing materials.  Break down any cardboard boxes to save storage space.  Try to keep cardboard dry and free from food waste.

Following the HOA’s trash disposal protocol doesn’t have to be a hassle, and it certainly helps us keep our Homeowner Association's clean. Everyone’s cooperation and efforts will make your association a place people are proud to call home. Click here for more tips on how to keep your neighborhood looking good and maintain property value.

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