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How to Prepare for Presenting Your Great Idea to the HOA Board

April 13, 2016 at 11:30 AM / by HOA Manager

thinking_little_girl_with_idea_bulb_above_headYou live in a homeowner’s association. You have a great idea. You’re not on the board, and elections are months away. What next? Present it. Presenting a good idea, whether to the HOA board or to a boss or to anyone else in the position to approve it, isn’t about them or you -- it’s about the idea.


A good idea needs a spokesperson. If you’ve come up with the idea, that spokesperson is you. If you can imagine the concept and how it will benefit your community, paint that picture in your presentation. If you can count the ways it will profit your community, tally it up and explain how the numbers will help.


What qualifies as a good idea?


If you think your idea will benefit your homeowner’s association community, then it’s a good idea. Even more so if you have support from other homeowners.


For example, if your HOA has a lot of young children in the neighborhoods, a nice grassy common area, but no playground, gather a committee of other like-minded parents who would like to help provide a fun, safe place for kids to play.


Do some research


Be sure you come to the meeting prepared, having already done some research on cost, insurance, safety, etc. If you really want to sweeten the deal, bring a few kids along to talk about how they would like a place to play too.


Also try to foresee any questions you might be asked about your idea. Most importantly, be willing to help move the idea forward by continue to offer your time and talents.


Get on the agenda


Your time for presenting will be included on the agenda at the next HOA board meeting, usually in the “other” “discussion” or “comments” section. Before you present your idea contact the board secretary or the HOA manager and ask if your idea can be featured as a main topic of the meeting so you’ll have more time and attention.


On presentation day, you might be nervous. Understandably so. Who wouldn’t be? If your confident in your idea, have support to back you up, and have done some preliminary research, you’ll be fine. Ignore that advice about picturing audiences in their underwear. Better than that, picture your idea – in full regalia. Give your idea wings and a voice, and it can fly.


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