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Not-So-Obvious Ways an HOA Management Company Can Help Your Board

February 1, 2016 at 9:00 AM / by HOA Manager

business_executives_using_laptop_and_smilingAn HOA management company can help homeowners association boards in many ways and work with nearly every budget. Two of the most obvious are assisting with financials and collecting delinquent HOA fees. There are also some ways your board members may not have thought of.


Updating CC&Rs

As a significant part of your governing documents, the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions of your Association should be up-to-date, read, and understood by both HOA board members and homeowners in the Association. If the CC&RS are 10 to 20 years old, they are out of date. An HOA management company can be hired to help update them.


Understanding the Laws

Ignorance is not an excuse. If a law changes, and you don’t comply, not only do you put your homeowners association in danger, you could go to jail for non-compliance. Understanding the laws that revolve around HOAs is a science all itself – and a subject that an HOA management company is well-versed in and managers are constantly educated about. They in turn, can educate your board members and community.



Whether you have new or seasoned board members, continuing education is important. A property manager can help explain to new board members how an HOA board operates, fiduciary responsibility, the importance of making reasonable business decisions to protect the health and safety of the community, and assist with the election process.


The Hignell Companies provides an annual dinner where HOA board members can network, discuss hot topics, understand new legislature, and also have exposure to professionals such as reserve specialists, lawyers or accountants.


Responding to a Major Disaster

One things that nobody can control is the weather – but you can prepare. A management company can help put together a disaster emergency plan, as well as come in as a construction manager and oversee the rebuilding after a storm or fire. A full-service management company often has a construction services department that can help.  


Communication with Experts

HOA management companies have relationships with experts, such as lawyers, accountants, contractors, landscapers, and reserve study specialists. Your board has the ability to ask questions and the manager has access to the expert advice. This makes for accurate and better communication.


If you can’t afford a full-service HOA management company – or don’t need full-service, you can still use a manager to help with the most important aspects or needs your homeowners association has. There is no excuse to ignore or not do the job – or to not do it well.


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